"Mercy? If I had enough of that thing to give you, I'd pour it over my rice for dinner."
- Morie Kasuga

Morie Kasuga (春日 森江, Kasuga Morie) is the current leader of the Vizards and the previous Captain of the 5th Division.

Morie Kasuga
Morie Kasuga
春日 森江

Kasuga Morie


May 5th


1000+ (23)


180 cm (5' 11")


62 kg (140 lbs)


Vizard, prev. Shinigami


Vizard, prev. Gotei 13


Leader, prev. 5th Div. Captain


Asahina Kasuga (wife, deceased)
Ikuyo Kasuga (daughter, deceased)
Tsukuyo Kasuga (daughter)



Appearance Edit

Morie appears to be young man in his early twenties, with black hair and eyes. He tends to wear bright-colored clothes, including purple and pink sweaters. Morie is commonly seen with a scientist's white gown, in and out of work. He suffers from longsightedness, and wears a pair of glasses when reading. On his left hand is the small ring his deceased wife, Asahina, gave him. He has pale skin, and muscles hidden by the layers of clothes he wears. He is left-handed.

As a Shinigami, Morie wears a long-sleeved Captain's haori (the inside a color of bright pink) over his normal Shinigami robes. He

Personality Edit

Morie, like any other person, has his ups and downs but tends to be more eccentric than others. A total goof, he enjoys quoting famous texts and movies. Morie often fails at what he does, except when it comes to cooking or his work as a marine biologist. An excessive drinker and chain-smoker, Morie can be found with a cigarette lodged in his mouth and a bottle of sake grasped in his hands. He can be found in various nightclubs, and usually comes home late, stone drunk and his necktie around his head, like a stereotype japanese salaryman. He claims that without smoke, wine, and women, his life would be meaningless; when he tried to quit all of them at the same time, due to a suggestion by his daugther, Tsukuyo, he fell down from a 7-story building in a blotched-up suicide attempt. When given ample amounts of his "needs", Morie can be a charming man. He is also easily won over by large gifts, and seems to have severe mood swings, "like a child".

Despite his foolish side, Morie deeply cares for his only daughter, Tsukuyo. He has also taken it upon himself for the deaths of Tsukuyo's mother and sister, and tries to avoid being a subject of embarrasment for her. He is willing to sacrifice his life to save what is in front of him. Morie fights to protect what is already his, and does not enjoy traitors or those that say one thing but mean the other. While he dotes on his daughter, most of the interest is unwanted, and Morie is prone to emotional breakdowns because of being rejected by his own daughter. He refuses to tell his daughter about the implications of being chased by Soul Society, and keeps her blissfully unaware of the spiritual world. Morie's goals in life are to insure that Tsukuyo lives a happy, normal life without being influenced by the spiritual world.

Morie prizes honor, and this is evident in his fighting style. While Morie will use petty tricks instead of going all-out, he will fight seriously if the opponent wants him to. He will not take the lives of those who have suffered an honorable defeat, while Morie quickly deals out death to those who have shown dishonor or wish to die on his blade.

History Edit

As a Soul Edit

Morie woke in the 24th District of Eastern Rukongai.

Zanpakuto Edit

Shikai Edit

Bankai Edit

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